Automatic Stock Trading Software

FinTasks allows you to automatically trade stocks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, through Etrade.

How it Works

Connect Accounts

Securely connect your accounts in FinTasks so that our system can make transfers and trades on your behalf.

Set Up Trades

Schedule which stock or option you want to buy, the price and how often you want to buy it.


FinTasks will automatically make your money transfers, trades, buying stocks, selling stocks, and a whole lot more!

auto buy vanguard fin tasks

Automatically Buy Stocks

With FinTasks, you can set up automatic trades on a schedule so that your wealth grows without you lifting a finger.

Set any stock, how many shares you want to buy, the trade type, and how often you want the trade to happen.

FinTasks will schedule and make the trade for you without wasting hours every week or month.

Just turn on the tasks and let your wealth grow on auto pilot!

Conditional Statements

For advanced users, you can create custom if/then conditions that can buy or sell a stock when it reaches a certain price.

Or if you want to sell a stock when it gets to a certain price, just set up the task in our easy-to-use task editor and you are good to go. FinTasks will automatically buy or sell the stock when/if it reaches the price.

With condition statements, you can build a wealth-generating machine that will grow your Vanguard stocks and income.

fintasks accounts

Sync Your Accounts

Easily connect all of your bank accounts, Etrade accounts, 401k, Roth IRA, Simple IRA, and any other account you use to manage money.

Once you connect your accounts in our system, we can make the transfers and trade that you set up in our task editor.

No need to move money in a bunch of different places. With FinTasks, you can manage your money with a 3rd party system, so you are in complete control.

Try It Free Today

Sign up for our free trial and start growing your wealth on auto pilot today!


What if there’s no money in the brokerage or Etrade account?
If there are not enough funds in your Etrade Account, it will not try and purchase the stock until the next scheduled date. So be sure to set up your transfers a day or two before you purchase stocks.

Can I stop a task?
Yes, of course! You can always pause, delete, or change tasks if they don’t work quite how you need them to. We will always send you a notification when the tasks run, if you specify.