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FinTasks will automatically buy stocks with the options provided.

About Us

FinTasks is a company built by investors who wanted an easier way to automate investing, diversification and portfolio management.

We can help you save hours a week by automating your money management tasks like transfers, investing, diversification and more.

FinTasks was created to simplify long term investing for value investors looking to keep a diversified portfolio.

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Your Investments on Autopilot

With FinTasks, all you have to do is set up your asset diversification percentages, choose your stocks and how much to invest each week or month.

FinTasks algorithm will make the neccessary investments time after time, growing your portfolio and building compound interest.

Automate Etrade Investing

Want to auto-invest funds into ETFs, Stocks  & Bonds? With FinTasks, you can set up automatic stock buying, diversification, transferring, and more.

Stop auto-investing in the AIP (Etrade automatic investment program) and putting all your money in mutual funds. Use FinTasks to automate your stock buying in Etrade.

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What does this software do?
FinTasks automates your Etrade stock buying so you can invest in stocks, ETFs and index funds on a regular basis. FinTasks is perfect for long term value investors looking to grow their portfolio over time.

Do you have a free trial?
Yes! We are offering a beta trial for anyone intersted in trying out our software. Just click the free trial button to sign up free.

Set Your Etrade Investments on AutoPilot

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